The Adventures of the Iron Wardens

The eye... the eye!

Our heroes were hired by Nimozaran the Green to investigate the suspicious silence of one of his associates. After a bit of haggling, the Iron Wardens agreed to be teleported to the town where the associate was staying.

They met an icy reception from the town’s inhabitants, who were mostly humans, orcs, and half-orcs. There was no sign of Nemozaran’s associate, and the Wardens were doubtful of the story they were told about the entire family packing up and moving away. Though all attempts to learn from the inhabitants met with failure, a thorough investigation of the town turned up some suspicious clues. These clues included a necklace made of a mummified eye. There were clear signs that the family did not leave voluntarily, and further probing revealed that there were signs of violence in the house. Even more ominous, a frightened old villager made dire predictions about a Cult of the All-Seeing Eye.

Finally, the Iron Wardens came across a trail leading away from the village. Following it, they came to a hidden cave. Two guards watched the door, and chanting issued from within. The heroes decided to use the holy symbol they found to bluff their way in. Thanks to their quick wits, it worked and they descended underground.

The chamber was lit with a weird glow, which emanated from writing that streamed over the walls, floor, and ceiling. All three of the Wardens tried to read it, though only Kam succeeded. Emer and Zev cried out as terrible pain wracked their minds. Kamanar learned that the writing was the names of the cultists who had come before, and whose spirits were now somehow tied to the cave.

Exploring further, they came across a glowing red trap. Zev’s attempts at disarming it failed, so they had to jump. Zev, suspecting the nature of the trap and lacking much faith in his jumping skills, gave his gear to his friends before attempting to get over. He failed and found himself no longer in control of his own body. He attacked Kam, who knocked some sense into the young human, Moradin style. With Zev back in control of his faculties, the group managed to jump across successfully.

The chanting was growing ever louder, and the Wardens saw why as soon as they rounded the corner. A room was full of chanting cultists, wearing threadbare robes and with their bodies covered in eyes. An eye with two pupils glared balefully at the heroes from across the room, while the nearer, more tentacular threat was a writhing creature from their worst nightmares.

Zev started things off with a blast of chaos power that carved a large chunk from the monstrosity’s body. Expecting more psychic attacks, he used his control of chaos to make both himself and Emer more resistant to psychic attacks.

Emer planted herself in the entrance to the room and, despite being unnerved at the sight of the eye-covered worshipers, started the grim task of cutting down cultists. Kamanar found himself on the receiving end of a glob of sticky goo from a tentacle weapon attached to the arm of a ferocious-looking orc. As the dwarf fought on, he kept feeling waves of nausea and a tickle in the back of his mind whenever he looked toward the baleful eye at the far end of the room. The resolute dwarf was not to be so easily commanded, however, and he shook off the eye’s effects time and time again.

Zev channeled his magic through the crudely-carved staff he had taken from the body of the kobold shaman. The resulting explosion of freezing ice devastated the clustered cultists, giving his companions the opportunity to focus on the stronger attackers. Though the nightmare creature pushed them back repeatedly with its psychic malevolence, Zev and Emer’s resistance to its attacks meant that they could shake off most of its power and they soon dispatched the beast, along with the orc with the tentacle weapon. Zev pocketed the item, wondering if he could either find a good price for it or perhaps use it himself.

The eye in the wall continued to glare at the Iron Wardens. The heroes advanced on the wretched thing, but now they found its effects harder to ignore. Its power blazed into their minds and they found themselves alternatively attacking the eye and each other until they finally managed to dispatch it.

With the eye melted to goo, a passage opened up in the floor of the cave. But what lay on the other end? Would the heroes find the person – and the answers – they sought, or would they find only more terror? They would soon find out…


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