The Adventures of the Iron Wardens

The walls are squishy

Our heroes descended into the secret tunnel, entering the hellish dimension of Khyber.

In the first room, they encountered several headless, two-mouthed creatures known as Dolgrims. The creatures had two brains each, and this made them a formidable match for the brave adventurers, who were barely able to defeat the hideous beasts. Fortunately, Zev recognized the bubbling, glowing liquid flowing through the room as being the Blood of Khyber, which has mystical healing properties. As Zev needed healing the most, he rested by the liquid, and found himself as refreshed as if he had slept soundly for a night. He and Emer filled waterskins with the mystical juice before proceeding into the next room.

They advanced cautiously, as the cavern, which had been growing dimmer and dimmer, was pitch black in the next room. Kamanar sensed something in the room with them, and the stout dwarf clutched his holy symbol of Moradin for comfort. When he felt something large and malevolent moving toward him, he cast some of his best spells at it, to no discernible effect. Meanwhile, he, Emer, and Zev picked their way carefully around the room, using the wall as a guide.

Then something struck from the blackness, hoisting Kam aloft. Kam fought bravely as his friends tried to help, feeling their way through the room. The darkness itself seemed more tangible near Kamanar, and the heroes realized that they were fighting a creature made up of darkness.

The Iron Wardens freed Kamanar from the creature’s clutches and, hoping that light would prove anathema to the beast, they escaped into the next chamber. The light in that room was just bright enough for the brave man, dwarf, and shifter to see that the walls were fleshy, while the room itself held several more Dolgrims and a Dolgaunt. Worse, the creature of darkness pursued them from the other room, leading to a desperate fight that the heroes barely survived.

Finding themselves in a room whose floor had mouths, the Iron Wardens had to decide whether Nimozaran the Green’s friend was worth the trouble of continuing. Then they reminded themselves that they were heroes, damn it! Onward, to death or glory!

But preferably glory!


kage23 squelchgarth

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