Elven, 5'9", 160 pounds, matted locks of red-brown hair, studded leather armor, longbow and quiver on the back, mace on the right hand side, ale in hand, often.


str – 14
con – 12
dex – 16
int – 10
wis – 20
cha – 8

ac – 18
hp – 44

fort – 14
ref – 16
will – 18

basic ranged 10 attack, 1d105 damage
basic melee 6 attack, 1d82 damage


Briarmane grew up in the woods with her family/tribe. Upon coming of age, she chose to seek out the world of humanity and found it both fun and dangerous. She enjoys her work with the Iron Wardens, righting wrong and earning gold; but she is not shy about her ultimate motive – to keep her people safe from what humans consider “civilization”. Her younger sister’s sometime emergence into the world of men is both a source of pride and concern for her.


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