The Adventures of the Iron Wardens

Never see a play starring vampires...
I heard that new play in Fallcrest kind of sucks...

The stalwart Iron Wardens, now consisting of Kamanar’s cousins Romanar and Hogarth Fardigger and the elf sisters Briarmane and (edit name), were hired by a distraught mother in Fallcrest to find her missing daughter. They interviewed the mother to learn that the daughter, Tes, disappeared without a trace the night before.

The intrepid Iron Wardens bravely searched the teen girl’s room, finding many fliers for trashy plays. The girl’s mother told them that Tes was too poor to see the shows, but she enjoyed collecting the fliers. When the Wardens found a flier for a show called Dusk, which was currently in town, the mother said that she had forbidden her daughter from seeing a show like that. Apparently she was not one of the “Dusk Moms” that the Wardens had been warned about.

The Iron Wardens agreed to look into the problem, and earned themselves a sweet deal: they could eat all the bread they wanted from the bakery while they were on the job!

The Iron Wardens’ next step was to interview Tes’s friend Sarah, who was the last person to see Tes. Sarah fed the Wardens a cock-and-bull story about going windowshopping and then eating dinner. When a pair of scary elves called her on her clearly fabricated tale, she confessed that they had seen the play Dusk. More disturbingly, the Iron Wardens learned that the love-smitten Tes had left her friend to try to meet the star of the show, Durance Dwell.

The Wardens left to find the field where the play was being performed, beyond a dark barn. Behind the stage, several wagons were circled. There were four with the stars’ names on them, a fifth with no name, and a sixth with the drapes mysteriously pulled shut.

The heroes searched the fifth wagon first and found it locked. The elves were unable to pick the lock, but Romanar Fardigger proved to be adept with a lockpick and got them in. Inside, the Iron Wardens found the wagon full of costumes. Toward the back, they found a green dress that matched the description they had gotten of what Tes was wearing when she disappeared. They also found an expensive gold locket, which they decided to keep as evidence.

A circuit of the other wagons revealed that the stars of the show were all conceited, insane, drunk, or all of the above. One of them was missing, though: Kellan Dwell, who plays Emmet Cunning. The elves spotted a trail leading into the woods and decided to leave the dwarves behind because they were too unstealthy. They came across Kellan sitting naked in the woods, ostensibly meditating. Clearly his chakras were out of alignment, because the elves didn’t even have a chance to greet him before he began yelling at them and harshing their mellow.

As if sensing his distress, a pack of wolves appeared. The howling of the wolves brought the dwarves running as Kellan Dwell fled in the other direction, back toward the wagons. With the timely arrival of the dwarves, the encircled elves rallied and slew the pack.

By the time the Iron Wardens made it back to the wagons, night was falling. A crowd was gathering in front of the stage, and seemed to consist entirely of teenage girls wearing black. They met with the hulking Stage Manager, who was unimpressed by the accusations the team flung at him. He called on the gathering girls, who charged! Our heroes tried to avoid the packs of hypnotized fangirls and the handbag-wielding “mean girls” while fighting the stage crew, who turned out to all be vampires.

The heroic battle occurred on the stage itself, which allowed the Iron Wardens to keep the fangirls from getting too close while they dispatched the vampires. Once the undead were turned to dust, the fangirls swooned, their magical control broken.

The Iron Wardens knew that the vampires would reappear at a blood cauldron, but a search of the barn and the surrounding area revealed no such devices. They had to conclude that the vampires must have hidden the cauldrons far away. They did find Tes, though. She had been drained of some of her blood, but she was well enough for the Iron Wardens to summon help.

The Iron Wardens took heart knowing that there would at least be no sequel to “Dusk…” At least, not on this plane of existence…

The walls are squishy

Our heroes descended into the secret tunnel, entering the hellish dimension of Khyber.

In the first room, they encountered several headless, two-mouthed creatures known as Dolgrims. The creatures had two brains each, and this made them a formidable match for the brave adventurers, who were barely able to defeat the hideous beasts. Fortunately, Zev recognized the bubbling, glowing liquid flowing through the room as being the Blood of Khyber, which has mystical healing properties. As Zev needed healing the most, he rested by the liquid, and found himself as refreshed as if he had slept soundly for a night. He and Emer filled waterskins with the mystical juice before proceeding into the next room.

They advanced cautiously, as the cavern, which had been growing dimmer and dimmer, was pitch black in the next room. Kamanar sensed something in the room with them, and the stout dwarf clutched his holy symbol of Moradin for comfort. When he felt something large and malevolent moving toward him, he cast some of his best spells at it, to no discernible effect. Meanwhile, he, Emer, and Zev picked their way carefully around the room, using the wall as a guide.

Then something struck from the blackness, hoisting Kam aloft. Kam fought bravely as his friends tried to help, feeling their way through the room. The darkness itself seemed more tangible near Kamanar, and the heroes realized that they were fighting a creature made up of darkness.

The Iron Wardens freed Kamanar from the creature’s clutches and, hoping that light would prove anathema to the beast, they escaped into the next chamber. The light in that room was just bright enough for the brave man, dwarf, and shifter to see that the walls were fleshy, while the room itself held several more Dolgrims and a Dolgaunt. Worse, the creature of darkness pursued them from the other room, leading to a desperate fight that the heroes barely survived.

Finding themselves in a room whose floor had mouths, the Iron Wardens had to decide whether Nimozaran the Green’s friend was worth the trouble of continuing. Then they reminded themselves that they were heroes, damn it! Onward, to death or glory!

But preferably glory!

The eye... the eye!

Our heroes were hired by Nimozaran the Green to investigate the suspicious silence of one of his associates. After a bit of haggling, the Iron Wardens agreed to be teleported to the town where the associate was staying.

They met an icy reception from the town’s inhabitants, who were mostly humans, orcs, and half-orcs. There was no sign of Nemozaran’s associate, and the Wardens were doubtful of the story they were told about the entire family packing up and moving away. Though all attempts to learn from the inhabitants met with failure, a thorough investigation of the town turned up some suspicious clues. These clues included a necklace made of a mummified eye. There were clear signs that the family did not leave voluntarily, and further probing revealed that there were signs of violence in the house. Even more ominous, a frightened old villager made dire predictions about a Cult of the All-Seeing Eye.

Finally, the Iron Wardens came across a trail leading away from the village. Following it, they came to a hidden cave. Two guards watched the door, and chanting issued from within. The heroes decided to use the holy symbol they found to bluff their way in. Thanks to their quick wits, it worked and they descended underground.

The chamber was lit with a weird glow, which emanated from writing that streamed over the walls, floor, and ceiling. All three of the Wardens tried to read it, though only Kam succeeded. Emer and Zev cried out as terrible pain wracked their minds. Kamanar learned that the writing was the names of the cultists who had come before, and whose spirits were now somehow tied to the cave.

Exploring further, they came across a glowing red trap. Zev’s attempts at disarming it failed, so they had to jump. Zev, suspecting the nature of the trap and lacking much faith in his jumping skills, gave his gear to his friends before attempting to get over. He failed and found himself no longer in control of his own body. He attacked Kam, who knocked some sense into the young human, Moradin style. With Zev back in control of his faculties, the group managed to jump across successfully.

The chanting was growing ever louder, and the Wardens saw why as soon as they rounded the corner. A room was full of chanting cultists, wearing threadbare robes and with their bodies covered in eyes. An eye with two pupils glared balefully at the heroes from across the room, while the nearer, more tentacular threat was a writhing creature from their worst nightmares.

Zev started things off with a blast of chaos power that carved a large chunk from the monstrosity’s body. Expecting more psychic attacks, he used his control of chaos to make both himself and Emer more resistant to psychic attacks.

Emer planted herself in the entrance to the room and, despite being unnerved at the sight of the eye-covered worshipers, started the grim task of cutting down cultists. Kamanar found himself on the receiving end of a glob of sticky goo from a tentacle weapon attached to the arm of a ferocious-looking orc. As the dwarf fought on, he kept feeling waves of nausea and a tickle in the back of his mind whenever he looked toward the baleful eye at the far end of the room. The resolute dwarf was not to be so easily commanded, however, and he shook off the eye’s effects time and time again.

Zev channeled his magic through the crudely-carved staff he had taken from the body of the kobold shaman. The resulting explosion of freezing ice devastated the clustered cultists, giving his companions the opportunity to focus on the stronger attackers. Though the nightmare creature pushed them back repeatedly with its psychic malevolence, Zev and Emer’s resistance to its attacks meant that they could shake off most of its power and they soon dispatched the beast, along with the orc with the tentacle weapon. Zev pocketed the item, wondering if he could either find a good price for it or perhaps use it himself.

The eye in the wall continued to glare at the Iron Wardens. The heroes advanced on the wretched thing, but now they found its effects harder to ignore. Its power blazed into their minds and they found themselves alternatively attacking the eye and each other until they finally managed to dispatch it.

With the eye melted to goo, a passage opened up in the floor of the cave. But what lay on the other end? Would the heroes find the person – and the answers – they sought, or would they find only more terror? They would soon find out…

Our First Dragon

The Iron Wardens opened the small panel at the end of the corridor and slid through, emerging at the top of a chilly stone staircase. They descended slowly, careful to keep their balance on the slick rocks. The air got colder with each step, and soon each breath puffed into mist.

When they reached the bottom, a voice chilled them more deeply than the freezing air: “You don’t smell like kobolds!”

The chamber at the bottom of the stairs was large, with crumbling pillars flanking a small ice-covered pond. On the other side of the chamber, a shadow unfolded its wings and, with several harsh flaps of its wings, flew low over the ice, coming at the heroes.

Zev took the opportunity to divert the flow of chaos within him, temporarily exchanging his daily affinity for necrotic energy for an affinity for cold. He channeled some of this into Emer, who charged the dragon. It was hard to image that she would have charged the dragon with any less ferocity if she had not been protected from its cold.

In the ensuing melee, Emer spent a lot of time rushing around the ice to get at the dragon as it flew back and forth, using its flight to split up the Iron Warriors. Kam kept steadily after it, blasting it with Moradin’s holy light from afar and, when the winged lizard closed to striking distance, delivering mighty blows fueled by his deity.

Emer found herself often the target of the dragon’s crackling frost-breath and vicious claws and bite. While Kam kept up the holy attacks, he also channeled healing energy to Emer, which allowed her to continue the fight. When the dragon strayed too close to the dwarf, he raised his hammer over his head, held aloft his symbol of Moradin, and shouted out a prayer to Moradin in the tongue of the dwarves. Though Zev and Emer had no idea what he said, it was an impressive display nonetheless.

Zev kept his distance from the combat while keeping up a steady barrage of chaos bolts. He moved about the chamber, staying mobile to ensure that he did not get too close to the dragon.

Thinking quickly, Emer drew out a sling and a glue-shot she had taken from a kobold. Remembering how annoying it had been to be rendered helpless, she figured that it was payback time and slung a shot at the dragon. Amazingly, the sticky substance splashed over the vicious creature and brought it smashing into the frosty ground. Emer happily dashed for the creature and took the opportunity to get in several deep strikes before the furious dragon snapped the clinging strands and took to the air once more.

After a vicious battle, the exhausted heroes finally killed the dragon. As it slumped to the floor, Zev wandered off in search of the dragon skin they had been searching for while Kam and Emer started to skin the dragon. Emer showed more enthusiasm than skill, but thanks to Kam’s gruff instruction the two managed to get the skin off without ruining it.

Zev, meanwhile, found a chest containing the dragon skin, a magical sword, and some gold and gems. “The chest’s empty!” he called back.

“What did you say?” growled Kam, walking over covered in the dragon’s gore and holding its head.

“Look at all this gold and jewels!”

Emer inspected the sword, weighing the option of using a magical sword against her trusty but nonmagical axe. She decided to take it back with her, just in case.

Back in town, the dwarf who had hired the Iron Wardens was very happy to get his dragon skin. When Kam asked him about getting a price for the other dragon’s skin, he offered to look around and let them know what the going price of a freshly-butchered dragon skin was.

The Iron Warriors sat back and reflected on a job well done. They had survived their trial by ice, as it were, and were now truly a force to be reckoned with.

Kobolds Ye Be Warned
Three brave heroes united for the first time to fight kobolds. Those runts didn't stand a chance!

Kamanar Fardigger was a dwarf on a mission from Moradin. He had been tasked with traveling into the world to protect and promote the interests of his stoic god, and he wasn’t going to let his patron deity down. To accomplish his task, he formed a group known as the Iron Wardens. The group started like many dwarven friendships do: in a tavern brawl. There had been a fight in the taproom of the Nentir Inn (far less common than brawls in the Lucky Gnome Taphouse, where a quiet night usually brings the militia running in a panic to see what’s wrong). When the fight was over, the intractable dwarf was the only person standing save for one: a loudmouthed, exuberant shifter named Emer Arkkan. Kam hired her on the spot.

The team was rounded out by Zev Marek, who slouched over to respond to an ad for a master of the arcane. Kam’s concern that the unkempt young man didn’t seem academic enough was quickly dispelled when Zev melted a tree, and the Iron Wardens were officially ready for their first mission together.

Kam lucked out when it came to finding work for the group. He scored not only a mission to find a cured dragon hide, but also some fine dwarven pipe-weed to replace the sad human-grown stuff he had been smoking. Both the mission and the quest came from a dwarf merchant who told the group about a suspicious abandoned manor that was the suspected home base of some kobolds.

The Iron Wardens reached the abandoned hall without incident. The ruined manor was quiet, but there were signs of activity. The group soon came across a trap door, which Zev opened with little effort. Emer gleefully led the way, with Kam following resolutely while Zev shuffled along in the rear.

The first room they found had a suspicious pit of glowing green ooze, and, more interestingly, a kobold. It screamed “Aiee! Intruders!” as Emer launched a headlong charge. As more kobolds appeared through a hastily-raised portcullis, Kam followed Emer into the room, firing divine light and swinging his mighty hammer. Zev came last, hurling bolts of chaos energy at any kobold in range. Emer was temporarily stuck to the ground by a glue shot, which only made her fury mount, much to the terror of the kobolds once the shifter came unstuck.

When the room was cleared, the group continued onward. The group came across a room filled with stone coffins, with two kobolds praying to Tiamat in a corner. When the kobolds heard the group approaching, they ducked behind some coffins. The Iron Wardens moved to engage, setting off a series of traps in the process. Darts whizzed at them from the alcoves of the room, but Kam’s well-forged chainmail and Emer’s trusty scale armor stopped most of the shots. They stepped carefully and finished off the kobolds, then noticed that the darts seemed to be coming from two statues in the room. Zev fired acid orbs at the statues until they were nothing but bubbling piles of goo. With the danger removed, the group happily looted the altar to Tiamat. When they grabbed a bag of gold, the torches flickered but nothing else seemed to happen.

Driven by curiosity, Kam smashed open one stone coffin to find human remains inside, but not much else. Deciding against more grave robbing, the group continued down a staircase.

Skulls piled on coffins surrounded another bubbling green pit of ooze. Kobolds stood on raised scaffolding at the far end of the chamber, happily chanting “Skull-skull!” while swinging a goo-encrusted stone on a rope at the skulls on the coffins. The group charged, but soon found that the Skull-skull rock packed a mean whallop. Emer was undaunted as she clambered up a scaffolding and was soon mobbed by kobolds.

Kam and Zev rushed to help, but were hindered by the swinging rock. Fortunately, Kam’s stout build helped him advance on the kobolds so that he could destroy them with Moradin’s holy light while granting divine assistance to both Zev and Emer. Kam made it to the other scaffolding and climbed, fighting the remaining kobolds.

Zev, who decided that he did not like Skull-skull much. Not the athletic sort, he preferred to pick the lock on the gate before continuing on. Emer finished off the remaining kobolds with the help of her friends, though she was saddened when she had to kill a guard drake. She had taken an immediate liking to the creature, even though it soon sank its teeth into her calf.

With the fight completed, the group continued onward. They heard a loud grinding in the next chamber and a boulder rolled down at them. Emer charged onward, leaping effortlessly over the huge boulder and engaging some kobolds on the other side of the room. Unfortunately, a kobold wyrmpriest started to blast her with spells, so Kamanar rushed to her aid. To everyone’s surprise, the stout and heavily-armored dwarf somehow managed to clear the boulder, though an unfortunate kobold did not. Kam aided Emer in her fight against the wyrmpriest and his goons while Zev found out the hard way what the underside of the boulder looked like. He made the unlucky kobold’s day worse by stabbing him and singing him with acid, finally finishing the hapless reptile off with some pure chaos.

With the group reunited, the kobolds stood little chance. Emer even survived the dragon’s icy cold breath unscathed, then proved that the sharp end of a battle axe were more reliable (not to mention totally badass) than any magic.

The Iron Wardens gathered the kobolds’ weapons and equipment, including a magical staff. Zev prodded the dust in a suspicious corridor until he found a secret door, before the group found a note on the wyrmpriest’s body pointing to the same door.

What lay behind the mysterious secret door? The Iron Wardens would soon find out…

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