Hogarth Fardigger

"Plan B is like Plan A, but I use a different ax!"


Hogarth Fardigger is the younger brother of Romanar Fardigger and cousin of Kamanar (the -manar names are traditionally given to the firstborn Fardigger). Unlike his more unconventional brother, Hogarth has a very dwarf-centric view of the world and aspires to be the best dwarf he can. This means that he embraces all “dwarfish” traits and behaviors and looks down on anything that is considered not “dwarfish” enough (or too “elfish”, which is the same thing to Hogarth.)

Hogarth trained as a warrior in the army of his clan, and he saw several years of service in a traveling company of dwarfs who protected clan interests in foreign lands. This gave Hogarth some experience with non-dwarf cultures, though he is still convinced that “dwarfish” things are best.

Physically, Hogarth is a stout, muscular dwarf with a long beard he wears in loose braids. He has bushy eyebrows over squinty eyes, a prominent beaked nose, and strong cheekbones. In battle, he wears custom-built armor he assembled during his time as a traveling soldier. The armor is asymmetrical to suit his fighting style: for instance, his left shoulder is much more heavily armored than his right because he prefers to lead with his left side when fighting.

He speaks with a gruff voice and has a straightforward manner that he sees as being properly “dwarfish.” The most non-“dwarfish” trait he possesses is his admiration for his brother. Though he does not understand Romanar’s decision to study arcane lore, he still has trouble seeing his brother as anything but a hero and a role model. If anybody were to ask Hogarth about this seeming contradiction, he would probably stammer for a while, before saying that Romanar’s non-“dwarfish” traits are actually a sign of how “dwarfish” he is, because they prove that he can have those traits and yet still be a dwarf.

Hogarth Fardigger

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